Cancer: Are you Ready for it?

Jun 25, 2018 | Insurance Services

Portrait of a female cancer patient outside

Health Insurance Saves Lives

Recently, an article in the Daily Mail reported that many people were confused about what does, and does not cause cancer.

According to the article the paper surveyed 1300 adults and compared this to published knowledge about cancer causes. Many that took part in the survey cited microwaves, mobile phones, and living near overhead power lines as probable and possible causes of cancer.

The paper cites that causes such as sunburn and sexual contact which causes human papillomavirus (HPV), were not cited often by those surveyed.

According to Cancer Research UK, lung, bowel, and breast cancer which are in all probability heightened by diet and lifestyle are the biggest killers in the UK.

Expats and Cancer

Healthcare as an expat is an aspect of the expat lifestyle that needs to be looked at in detail, especially if your home country has a national health system and the country you are going to has a private insurance based system.

Your job probably comes with healthcare benefits but it is important that you check the fine/small print to ensure that it gives adequate coverage for you and your family. If you are moving to a country with a national healthcare system, you need to ensure that you are entitled to coverage.

As well as healthcare it is important to look at your lifestyle in your new country. Climate changes may make you and your family more vulnerable to the sun. Your diet may change considerably and this could have an impact on the health of you and your family.

Healthcare Insurance

In the first instance, it is important to take out a private healthcare insurance policy that is suitable for you and your family. The wrong kind of policy could see you faced with horrible medical bills should the worst happen, and you will get priority treatment with a solid and comprehensive insurance policy.

Healthcare insurance policies are one area where you need the best you can afford, and my award winning financial planning advice can help you find the best one. Talk to me today by completing the CALL BACK SERVICE form and arranging your appointment.

Be protected against cancer whatever the cause.

Source: Daily Mail

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