Rising Caribbean Second Passport Costs: Time to Act

Aug 16, 2023 | Citizenship & Residency

The world of Caribbean citizenship programmes is changing fast with prices recently doubling in St Kitts. Act now to secure an affordable second passport.

The allure of the Caribbean has always been undeniable. Azure waters, sun-drenched shores, and a relaxed pace of life. However, for many global citizens, it’s not just the lifestyle that draws them in; it’s the prospect of gaining Caribbean citizenship at an attractive price. But things are changing, and anyone considering the Caribbean for citizenship may need to act swiftly.

EU’s Alleged Influence on Caribbean Citizenship Programmes

Recent reports from the Associate Times highlighted alleged guidelines laid out by the European Union. According to this report, countries offering Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programmes, including many in the Caribbean, have been recommended to adopt stricter measures. These include enhanced security protocols, comprehensive applicant screening, and robust financial audits.

The EU’s influence matters because its directives often set a benchmark for international standards and norms. Countries aiming for harmonious relations with EU member states, or that value their reputation on the global stage, may find it prudent to heed these recommendations.

St. Kitts – A Case Study in Shifting Investment Options

St. Kitts provides a clear example of the changing landscape of CBI programmes. Here’s a comparison of their most recent changes:

Contribution July 2023 August
Single applicant US$125,000 US$250,000
Applicant + spouse US$150,000 US$300,000
Family of up to 4 US$170,000 US$350,000
Real Estate Investment US$200,000 US$400,000
Minimum contribution to Approved Public Benefit projects US$175,000 US$250,000

Rates in St. Kitts have surged unexpectedly within just a month. There’s mounting concern that other Caribbean nations might also experience abrupt and substantial price hikes without prior notice.

Why Act Now?

Historically, Caribbean citizenship programmes offered passports for as little as $100,000. With the recent increases in St. Kitts and the alleged EU recommendations, these affordable prices may soon be a thing of the past in other Caribbean territories.

Seize the Moment

While the Caribbean’s appeal remains, the conditions for citizenship are shifting. The recent developments in St. Kitts might be a harbinger for the rest of the region. Don’t wait for another price surge. This is your moment. If you’ve been considering the Caribbean, NOW is the time to jump in. Book a call with our Caribbean Passports Hotline and let’s get started on securing your future.

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