Unleash your potential: A complete guide for South African expats setting sail for Dubai

Jul 3, 2023 | South African Expats

Michele Carby, the leading South African financial consultant in the Middle East outlines the key issues for new expats arriving in Dubai.

Can you picture waking up to the stunning Dubai skyline and the glimmering Arabian Gulf? Each year, thousands of South Africans turn this dream into a reality. This article will guide you from visa acquisition to housing and wealth growth, preparing you for your Dubai adventure. Are you ready to embark?

The first step: Securing your Dubai visa

A visit visa must be obtained for South African passport holders before your arrival. Once you’ve landed a job, your employer will usually facilitate your employment visa and labour card. Does it sound daunting? Rest assured, numerous expats have navigated these waters before. And remember, experts and resources are available to help you through this process.

Getting your tax affairs straight: Navigating SARS

Relocating doesn’t absolve you from keeping your tax affairs in order back home. Interacting with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) can be daunting, but with the right assistance, it’s manageable. The Michele Carby Practice collaborates with an efficient provider in South Africa, who handles tax affairs and facilitates money transfers out of South Africa at favourable rates. Well-versed in SARS’s new processes and increased scrutiny after SA’s recent greylisting; they’ve successfully assisted numerous clients in maintaining their South African tax obligations while living abroad. Managing your tax efficiently is a crucial part of your financial journey, ensuring no unpleasant surprises disrupt your new life in Dubai.

Michele is very experienced in working with South Africans, both in SA and abroad. She is fully licenced by The Financial Services Board (FSB), the regulator for financial services in South Africa.

Finding your new home: Housing in Dubai

Once the visa is sorted, finding your new home is next on the list. The allure of a tax-free salary is attractive, but it’s crucial to consider Dubai’s cost of living. Be prepared for 12-month rental contracts, substantial security deposits, and lump-sum rent payments. Locations like Jumeirah and Marina Dubai are popular among South Africans, offering a blend of comfort and convenience. Remember, careful financial planning is key, and the reward? A stunning view of the Burj Khalifa from your balcony!

Growing your global fortune

Living in Dubai offers South Africans the unique opportunity to ‘go global’ with their wealth. This means diversifying your investment portfolio across various economies and currencies, creating a buffer against the volatility of the Rand. Picture this – investing in the growing tech industry of the Silicon Valley or the real estate market in Europe! An experienced financial advisor can optimise your investments to align with your financial goals.

Safeguarding your prosperity: Navigating exchange rates and tax efficiency

With fluctuating exchange rates impacting your remittances back home, protecting your wealth becomes vital. A strong wealth protection strategy, like maintaining a balanced portfolio or investing in stable foreign currencies, can ensure you’re ready to face any financial storm. Don’t let market volatility unsettle you; expert guidance can light the way.

Adding to the above, with South Africa’s recent greylisting, the immediate outlook for the SA economy and the ZAR is bleak. With Michele and her team’s expertise with the South African landscape, we can assist you in getting your hard earned rands to work better for you with tailor-made offshore investments.

Connecting with your South African roots in Dubai

Feeling homesick? Connect with your fellow South Africans through Facebook group, these are the most popular:

South Africans in the Emirates
South Africans in Dubai
South Africans in Abu Dhabi

Crafting your prosperous future in Dubai with The Michele Carby Practice

Strategic planning and expert advice can make your financial potential in Dubai limitless. Michele is the leading South African financial consultant in the Middle East and can help you carve out a prosperous future. Are you ready to seize it? Don’t wait, connect with Michele today for a free consultation and shape your prosperous financial future in Dubai. 

Trusted Financial Guidance for South African Expatriates

Michele Carby, a South African native and award-winning financial adviser, brings 20 years of global experience and is fully licensed by South Africa’s Financial Services Board (FSB). With a proven track record of helping hundreds of South Africans at home and abroad, Michele is uniquely qualified to guide South African expatriates on their financial journey. Take the first step towards financial clarity. Schedule a consultation with Michele today.



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