Video Testimonials



Michele Carby’s clients speak about
their experiences of working with her,
Payal and the team.

Su Cockeron

Su talks about her how her investments have grown over the course of the past ten years working with Payal. She also explains what it is like working with Michele and Payal.

Mark Randall

Mark is happily retired and is supported by the income from his investments which remain under the management of our team.

Christopher Mills

Christopher speaks about how Michele and Payal helped adjust his investment strategy due to a change in circumstances.

Sarah Hyde

Previously, Sarah had some bad experiences with financial advisers. She explains the contrast between that and working with Michele and Payal. She talks about their working relationships, client communications, investment returns and applying for a second passport.

Clive Bradnick

Clive compares his experience of working with Michele with his employer managed provident fund. He speaks about planning, investing, dealing with tax issues and his working relationship with Michele and Payal.

Chris Nelson

Chris talks about the importance of long term relationships and the value Michele and Payal deliver.

Karine Bailey

Karine talks about how Michele and Payal have help build and manage her investment portfolio and what it is like to work with them.

Craig McLaren

Craig speaks about the investment performance and his experience of working with Michele and Payal.

Keith Phillips

Keith is a long term expatriate and speaks about the value of working with someone who understands the expatriate experience. He explains how his investments have performed well, even in times of difficult markets and volatility.

Phillip Blake

Phillip’s prior experiences with financial advisors had been appalling, resulting in a substantial loss of his hard earned savings. Sadly, that is not uncommon. Find out how that expereince compares to working with Michele.