Unlocking Prosperity: A Comprehensive guide for UK Expats moving to the UAE

Jun 26, 2023 | UK Expats

Moving to the UAE offers UK expats boundless possibilities but to optimise your time overseas requires careful planning and expert guidance.

UK expats moving to the UAE

The Adventure Awaits: Embracing the UAE Lifestyle

Hundreds of UK residents embark on a thrilling journey to the vibrant UAE each year. This transition, exhilarating as it is, necessitates careful planning and strategic preparation. Before setting sail, let’s dive into the key considerations every prospective British expat needs to know.

Embarking on the visa voyage

UK passport holders enjoy an immediate 30-day extendable visit visa upon arrival, offering a taste of the dynamic UAE lifestyle. For those looking to establish their career, an employment visa and labour card are mandatory, usually arranged by your employer.

Finding your feet: navigating the housing hurdles

Despite the allure of a tax-free salary, it’s vital to be ready for the substantial cost of living, particularly housing. 12-month rental contracts, three-month deposits, and a year’s worth of pre-dated cheques for accommodation are common. A comprehensive financial plan should factor in these expenses.

Your financial passport: expat economics

Transitioning to the UAE brings significant financial benefits, including a tax-free salary. This is a major attraction for Brits accustomed to the UK’s 20-45% income tax bracket. Plus, British expats are exempt from National Insurance contributions on their income. Remember to assess your National Insurance record to maintain a complete State Pension upon retirement.

Preserving Your Prosperity: Safeguarding Wealth and Ensuring Tax Efficiency

Creating robust wealth protection strategies and maintaining tax efficiency are key pillars of expat financial planning. The Michele Carby Practice excels in these areas, offering advice on protective measures against exchange rate fluctuations affecting remittances back home.

Amplify your assets: The Michele Carby Practice advantage

Moving to the UAE presents a unique opportunity to grow your wealth. At the Michele Carby Practice, Michele Carby and her business partner, Senior Investment Strategist Payal Trehan, have helped countless expats realise impressive financial growth. Their bespoke strategies, such as portfolio diversification and calculated investments, ensure each client’s financial success.

Fostering community connections

Although the joy of the expat lifestyle is in navigating a new culture, connecting with people who share your roots provides comfort. Platforms like the “Brits in Dubai” Facebook group or the “British Expats in UAE” forum on Expat.com can help you find and engage with the British community.

Start your UAE journey with confidence: The Michele Carby Practice

Strategic financial planning and expert guidance make your financial potential in the UAE limitless. The Michele Carby Practice, co-founded by Michele Carby and Payal Trehan, offers award-winning service and a stellar track record in helping expats thrive financially in their UAE journey.

To find out more download our Practice brochure here.

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