UK Start Up & Innovation Visas – a route for full citizenship

Oct 25, 2021 | Citizenship & Residency

The UK’s Start Up & Innovator Visas offer entrepreneurs and their families the opportunity for permenanet residence & full citizenship.

UK Start Up & Innovation Visas – a route for full citizenship

✅ Live & operate a business in the UK
✅ Full residency rights for family members
✅ Free healthcare and education
✅ An official pathway to full citizenship
✅ Approval in just three weeks
✅ 3-5 year investment return

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The Start Up and Innovator visas are part of the UK’s desire to attract global entrepreneurs to establish businesses in the UK. They are officially approved fast-track pathways to provide ambitious and talented entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up a business and live in the UK. These visas offer a clear official pathway to UK citizenship for both the applicant and their immediate family.

The minimum required investment is £150,000.

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