Saint Lucia – the world’s most afforable second passport

Jan 25, 2023 | Citizenship & Residency

Saitn Lucia offers a passport and full citizenship rights for a US$100,000 donation. Fast processing, remote applications within four months.

Launched in 2016, the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment programme offers fast processing and affordability to those looking for a second passport.

A $100,000 donation to the National Economic Fund (NEF) secures all these benefits:

✅ A New Passport – full citizenship rights
✅ Global Mobility – visa free travel to 147 countries,
✅ Fast Track processing in 90 days
✅ Affordability – best in class worldwide
✅ Family Eligibility – spouse, parents, children & siblings*
✅ Tax Advantages – No tax on international income, wealth, or inheritance
✅ Dual Passport – the right to hold dual citizenship
✅ Remote Application – No physical presence required

For more information, please download the brochure here.

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