Portugal Passports: The final opportunity to invest in the Algarve under the Golden Visa programme

Jul 8, 2021 | Citizenship & Residency, Property Investment

From January Algarve properties will be excluded from Portugal's Golden Visa programme. Last remaining property opportunities.

Portugal Golden Visa - Algarve property listings

Portugal’s government will exclude property investments in the Algarve from its world-leading Golden Visa (GV) programme from January next year. It means the clock is now ticking for anyone looking for the very best investment route to a Portuguese passport and EU residency rights.

Why the Algarve

After Lisbon, the Algarve is the wealthiest region of Portugal. With its stunning beaches and pleasant climate it is at the heart of the tourist industry. The high quality of life, developed infrastructure, and low crime rate make the Algarve a magnet for tourists and a large international expatriate community. The area will continue to grow economically and offer strong returns on investments and provide residency and a Portuguese passport.

€280,000 minimum investment

  • Investing in property is the most popular GC route to a Portuguese passport. Currently, the minimum property investment is €280,000.
  • Many of the investments offer favourable terms, including mortgages, guaranteed yields and buyback options, making them highly investable opportunities as well as a route to a second passport.

15% upfront rental yield!

Some properties on our current list (available for download below) are currently offering an upfront rental yield of 15% on the purchase price after completion. Where available, this immediate return on your investment would more than cover the entire cost of the application for the programme.

Time limited

These incredible offers and opportunities are very time-limited and are only available because of the impending changes to the GV programme. The time is running out on Algarve GV investments so if you are interested, the time to contact us is now.

The Algarve – best current investment properties

Our second passport team has scoured the Algarve for the best qualifying properties investments right now, which include:

New build luxury tourist villas

  • From €500,000
  • Mortgage available 50-70%
  • Guaranteed 5% yield, guaranteed for five years
  • Free owner usage for up to 26 weeks a year
  • Exceptional facilities: beach, golf, pool, spa & tennis

New build apartments

  • Great location
  • From €400,000
  • Gated community with private garden & pool
  • 15% upfront rental yield (3% per year)
  • 100% Buyback in year 6 (Optional in year 4)

Tourist apartment refurbishment 1

  • From €280,000
  • Award winning international marina
  • 15% upfront rental yield (3% per year)
  • 100% Buyback in year 6

Tourist apartment refurbishment 2

  • From €280,000
  • Stunning location
  • 15% upfront rental yield (3% per year)
  • 100% Buyback in year 6

If you would like details of the properties, download below for the latest availability or contact Michele at [email protected] or call direct on +971 50 618 6463.  


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