Want your Children to Attend University? Start Planning Now

Aug 2, 2018 | Savings


University costs have been rising for years and a new report on U.S. university costs in eighteen years time underlines this point.

According to Wealthfront, a U.S. based investment platform, the following figures show projected U.S. university costs in 2036, 18 years from now:

  • Private university costs are likely to be $303,000, up from $167,000 today
  • Public university costs are likely to be $184,000, compared with $101,000 now

They based their figures on Department of Education data and accounted for inflation and other economic and market considerations.

The figures are scalable around the world. This is a strong indicator that astute financial planning is needed now to ensure you can help your children attend university and have access to options that only university education unlocks.

Financial Planning to the Rescue

I am an independent award winning financial planner. I have the experience and expertise to help you reduce university costs for your children. I can:

  • Help you achieve maximum yield from your investments
  • Give you a holistic view as I am not tied to one financial product range. This whole of the market approach ensures you have the best investment vehicles available
  • Avoid the mistake of not shopping around for the best investments
  • Help you understand why one investment is better than another so you maximise your profits. I can also provide plain English explanations on how these systems work
  • Assess your earnings and compare that with your aims. This gives you an accurate picture of how much you need to meet future education costs
  • Review your investments on an agreed basis, switching investments to keep returns high. You will have a managed fund
  • Tailor funds for where you live, ensuring you have the best possible tax breaks and investment options by region

It is important to start thinking about investing for your child’s future today. Even a year can make a big difference.

To get started, call me for an introductory chat. Simply click here and complete the Call Back Service form and start to minimise the debt your child incurs when they attend university.

Source: CNBC.com

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