Second opinions matter: how we perform an investment health check

Feb 2, 2021 | Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Savings

At The Michele Carby Practice, we we offer a free second opinion on all investment portfolios by our award winning investment team.

Second opinion on investment portfolios

Your first port of call, if you are unwell, is your doctor. Hopefully, the doctors can quickly diagnose the issue, provide you with the appropriate treatment and you soon recover. However, if your symptoms persist or your condition proves to be more serious, you would be wise to seek out a specialist or a second opinion.

Just like your health, your investments and pension provision represent a significant component in your future wellbeing. How they perform affects your ability to provide for your family, the kind of life you can enjoy in retirement and the legacy you can leave to loved ones. And just like you go for an annual health check, you should be regularly reviewing your portfolio to ensure it is performing as expected and continues to align to your needs.

If it is not, then potentially you have a problem and should consider seeking a second opinion. It is not something you should delay because poorly performing portfolios can quickly diminish your wealth and potentially threaten your future financial wellbeing.

At the Michele Carby Practice, we offer a free second opinion on all investment portfolios. These are conducted personally by me and Payal Trehan, our Senior Investment Strategist. We will consider these issues in assessing your portfolio.

Your financial objectives

  • What do you want to achieve with your investments and over what time period?
  • Are your expectations realistic?
  • Is your portfolio currently on track to meet those objectives?


  • Do you understand the level of risk in your portfolio?
  • Is that level of risk appropriate for your objectives?
  • Does your portfolio accurately reflect your desired risk level?
  • What is your risk-adjusted rate of return against industry benchmarks?


  • Are investments within your portfolio best in class?
  • How are they performing against alternatives?
  • Are they balanced correctly with appropriate diversity across asset classes and markets?
  • Is your portfolio being actively managed?
  • Have adjustments been made in a timely and effective manner?

Portability and tax efficiency

  • Is your portfolio tax efficient, both now and if you move jurisdictions?


  • Do you know the costs associated with running the portfolio?
  • Are those costs reasonable?

If you are concerned about your portfolio’s level of performance, or if your financial adviser is not carrying out a full financial review on a regular basis, let us give you a second opinion. It is  free and might give you the insight needed to get your investments back on track.

The Michele Carby Practice is a highly experienced, award winning wealth management practice. We currently have over US$100million and growing assets under management. We have won multiple international investment awards and have a 4.8 excellent rating on Trust Pilot from 1,600 reviews. You can read more clients testimonials here.

If you would like to review your portfolio, please contact me directly on +971 50 618 6463 or email [email protected].


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