Retire Abroad and Make £200,000 Last Thirty Years

Nov 4, 2016 | Retirement Planning

Eight Countries to Retire to Where your Money goes Further

There are a lot of benefits to retiring abroad where the cost of living is lower than your home country. Providing you have good insurance products, and that you have a good understanding of what you are covered for, your £200,000 could see you have a fulfilling retirement.

In many countries it is far cheaper to live than in the developed world. Utility bills and property are more affordable and with social security payments you will see your money stretch a lot further. Here is a list of the top eight countries to retire to.


This is a gem of a country to retire to as it has everything you want as a retiree. Low housing costs and utility bills, good healthcare, and an excellent public transport system. If you retired in the USA, you would be paying 58% more per month than you would in Ecuador.


Nicaragua is a popular destination for expats as it affords a great quality of life. You can also benefit from the governments push to attract retirees. Providing you have an income of over $600USD a month, and you are over 45 you will receive generous financial incentives. Sales tax exemptions on building materials being just one of them.


Thailand is arguably one of the more exotic retirement locations in the world. Providing you are aged over 50, and have an income of around $1900USD or more, or have $23,000 in a savings account, you can retire here and enjoy everything the city had to offer. On average it is 55% cheaper to retire here than to retire in the USA.


As well as gorgeous beaches and palm trees, Belize’s government affords generous tax benefits to retirees. Providing you are aged over 45 there is no tax to pay on earnings made outside of the country. Given the cheap cost of living, Belize makes a very attractive retirement option.


Although Panama City has cost of living prices comparable to the U.S, the smaller towns and cities offer far more affordable rates. The Pensionado Program affords you significant discounts on healthcare, services, utilities, and flights.

Costa Rica

Although popular with tourists there are regions on the southern coast and Central Valley that are good for putting down roots in retirement. Property is cheap even in the capital city, and you will not pay more than $80USD per month for utilities.


Malaysia is known for its friendly people and as a retiree it affords you good cost of living benefits as well. Not quite as competitive as some of the other countries listed here, it still affords a cost of living which is 20% less on average than living in the USA. Rental prices being around half of what you would pay in the developed world. To enter the country you will need to be over 50, have around $90,000 in assets and have an income of over $2552 per month.


Given the cost of living is roughly 20% less than living in the USA and property is around 50% less to rent, Spain is a very attractive option as a country to retire to. Spain has a rich cultural heritage and providing you can show proof of residency and income, and you can show you are free of illnesses that don’t constitute a threat to public health, retiring here is easy.

Retiring Abroad

If you are considering retiring abroad or simply want to make your retirement go further, or perhaps you are not sure what insurance options to choose, I can help. My award winning financial planning advice has helped hundreds of retirees make the right choices, and have better retirement plans as a result.

To enable you to retire abroad and to make the right insurance choices and have a better retirement generally, click here and complete the Call Back Service form. It is time to start looking forward to retirement.

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