Rushed, Stressed, and Busy? Use a Financial Adviser to Handle your Investments

Mar 17, 2015 | Financial Planning

Rushed, Stressed, and Busy? Use a Financial Adviser to Handle your Investments

Free up your Time and Make your Investments Yield the Best Possible Return

As our lives get busier with work and family, we often find ourselves with less time for other important aspects which demand our attention. Finances are one such aspect, and the lack of time to properly manage finances has arguably been highlighted by self managed investments. When they were launched, it handed the responsibility of making sound investment choices to you, the investor. Some providers even offered the capability to manage your portfolio via your smartphone.

It sounded good on the surface. You managed your investments when you wanted to, and made the decisions to yield a good return. As an experiment this has failed, and here’s why;

  • Time – Although they were enthusiastically pursued when they were launched the reality of time constraints and even inclination to spend hours and hours managing your investments proved too much for many.
  • Expertise – Financial advisers are professionals at handling investments regardless of what they might be. We tend to diversify into various fields; such is the complexity of financial management. The problem self managed funds pose for non financial professionals are considerable.

Consider, could you?

  • Identify “dogs”? – (The term used for underperforming funds when compared to peers)
  • Understand where your underlying asset allocation exposure is across your portfolio?
  • Can you rebalance your risk profile against your asset allocation, identifying where the best opportunities lie in the marketplace?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you better use a financial adviser.

When Should I use a Financial Adviser?

Unless you work in the finance industry, the answer is whenever you are looking to invest money. The pitfalls of self managed investments have been more than highlighted, and as such the best option on every measurable level is to use a finance expert.

Tax Efficiency

Tax costs and can hit you hard, especially on long term investments such as pensions. Recently, surveys showed that almost half of people approaching retirement and taking advantage of Pension Freedom were going to withdraw their whole pension in one big lump sum. This is a massive mistake from a tax point of view, unless you want to give almost half of it to the tax man.

It is this kind of mistake which using a good finance adviser would be avoided.

Pension Expertise

Pensions are complex, and one mistake could cost you. This is where an experienced financial adviser can minimise not only the tax you pay, but handle adjustments as to where you pension is administrated, and invest funds wisely for a better return.


Another complex aspect to financial planning is insurance. From life to health insurance, the product range on the market is diverse and as such it is easy to pick the wrong product for you. Here, a financial professional with a good knowledge of insurance products can secure the best and most suitable one for you and your family.

Tax Efficient Savings and Investments

Saving for the long term again is a bit of a minefield of products and choices. Make the wrong one however, and your investment will underperform potentially at a high cost. A good financial planner will ensure your savings yield the best return possible.

School Fees

Education costs and if you have children you need a good financial plan so you can enable them to get the education they need to secure a prosperous future. Again a good financial expert will be invaluable in working out how much you need to put by, and where you need to put it.

Get in Touch – Avoid the Headaches of Managing your Investments

When all is said and done, a financial adviser is invaluable at making your investments achieve their potential and making your money go further. We also free up your time, leaving you free to get the things done you need to do, and thus remove the burden and responsibility of managing your finances from you.

If you are planning to invest, or want advice on your existing portfolio, complete the form. We will schedule an appointment, go through your finances, listen to what you want from your investments, and explain what we feel is the right product choice for you. Click here and complete the Call Back Service form.

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