Australian and New Zealand Expats to Pay for NHS Treatment in the UK

Mar 2, 2016 | Financial Planning

From the 6th April Australian and New Zealand Expats will pay £200 per year for NHS Treatment

Currently, if you’re an Australian or New Zealand expat living in the UK, you can have free healthcare treatment on the NHS for twelve months. After a year, you pay £200 per year for NHS treatment.

From 6th April however, this changes to six months. The £200 charge is known as the Immigration Health Surcharge was introduced last year. Originally it only applied to expats from the European Economic Area. Australian and New Zealanders were exempt from the charge.

James Brokenshire, immigration minister said the charge was to “ensure (the NHS) remains sustainable and receives a fair contribution to the cost of healthcare from temporary migrants.

“We believe it is only fair that Australian and New Zealand nationals, who have previously benefited from a one-year exemption from the immigration health surcharge, will now contribute to our health service in the same way as other non-EEA nationals,”

The new charge does not affect Australian or New Zealanders who need treatment which cannot be delayed until they get home. That still falls under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) between the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Expats in all countries will receive emergency treatment if needed.

Expats aged 18-30 will only pay £150 as part of the new rules coming into force in April. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key criticised the new charge, stating it was “the chipping away of New Zealanders’ rights in the UK.

“It’s pretty cheap and not really in keeping with the history of the two countries.”

The new rules show how life as an Expat can change overnight. One law change and you can be hit with a sudden expense. Sound financial planning can address this, and ensure that you have enough funds to preserve the quality of your life regardless of what legislation is introduced.

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Source: International Investment

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