Get a second opinion from an award winning investment adviser

Don’t put up with underperforming investments

Get a second opinion from an award winning investment adviser

  • Comprehensive analysis of your portfolio
  • Assessed against six key criteria
  • Cost free – without obligations
  • Peace of mind

If your savings and investments are consistently underperforming the markets, there is something wrong.

And it costs you money, potentially life changing amounts.

Portfolio returns, like economies, go up and down and fluctuate for lots of reasons. But if your returns are not tracking market averages over time, something is wrong, and you should be asking, ‘why?’

Get a second opinion

We will comprehensively evaluate your savings and investments to help you find the answers to poor performance. We will highlight areas of concern and suggest where improvements could increase your returns.

Over the past few years, we have evaluated over a hundred portfolios and provided positive, return enhancing recommendations on every single occasion.

There is no cost or obligation for our services because nine out of ten people were so happy with the service and insights that they became clients.

Six key criteria

Our Senior Investment Strategist personally
evaluates all the portfolios against six key

  • Its alignment with your financial objectives
  • Its risk profile against your risk appetite
  • The level of diversification
  • Current & historical performance
  • Its portability & tax efficiency
  • The cost of management fees

Who is Michele Carby?

Michele is one of the world’s leading financial advisers. She is a vastly experienced, highly qualified and international award-winning financial planner.

She has practised in South Africa, the UK, and Hong Kong throughout her career and is now based permanently in Dubai.

Michele’s clients are global expatriates from all walks of life living around the world.

What Michele’s clients say

Our findings

Watch our video to discover what we have learned from the portfolios we have previously evaluated.

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