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Merry Hamilton

I have been a client of Michele’s now for about a year and was previously with a financial consultant with I was unhappy with: the result being my long term financial planning was not being taken car of very well and my investments were actually going backwards. As a teacher of limited financial means this was disastrous.

Since the I have been with Michele I have relooked at these long term projections. Michele has spent considerable time and energy in assisting me to find suitable and stable investments and savings plans that meet my needs now and more importantly for my long term financial planning and retirement. Michele constantly keeps me informed and I feel I can approach her with any questions I have. She is flexible and caring and has been fabulous in her role as advisor to me. She pays huge attention to detail, she is professional and up to date in her field and I feel very informed about both my investments and goals for long term planning.

I highly recommend Michele.

Merry Hamilton ESF Teacher

Michael Zankel

After seven years in Hong Kong, among them five for an international logistics group (ass regional CEO), almost two with my own company (part owner), I can I have had some experience with financial brokers and advisors.

I have been working with one of the many blue suits same tie brokers for years in Hong Kong and apart of the fact that the people in charge of me changed every year, the financial situation hardly improved.

When I met Trevor from Infinity he connected me with Michele who has been the by far most proactive and helpful person on the market here. So gradually I got my medical insurance, my MPF, and my retirement plan fixed with her. Up to today I have not regretted this a minute, she is always available when needed, gives perfect advice, and thinks way ahead of the market.

I highly recommend Michele for her very professional approach, her personal care, and her incredible reliability.

Michael Zankel Managing Director and Owner


I wanted to thank you for the advice and friendly service you have provided me on my Personal investments.

As always you are very quick to respond to emails with advice and guide me. You company’s website is fantastic as I can check on my investments whenever I need.

Without your help I would be lost in the world of pension rules etc.


Vanessa Pringle

There are a lot of investment houses that you can chose from here in Dubai. However, most will hide fees and show growth rates which are actually product accelerators (thus not reflecting reality) so it’s very easy to get duped into thinking you have a “growing” investment. I would recommend Michele Carby as she not only talks to you in layman’s terms, but also whether you’re investing $100 or $10,000 a month, Michele makes sure you’re well looked after!

Vanessa Pringle Dubai

"With over 20 years experience as an International Independent Financial Adviser; my team and I provide specialist advice, together with extensive international experience. Providing our clients with the experience and expertise that they are looking for."


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"Michele demonstrates all the qualities I look for in a financial advisor, e.g. a genuine personal interest, regular contact, excellent proposals, and a consistent proactive approach to deliver the best possible service." - Dr Robert Holden, Psychologist & Author, London

"Michele takes the time to put you at ease and to explain the consequences of each avenue of investment available. I feel that I can work well together with her." - Brian Michael Gibbs, Accountant, Ashford Kent

"Not many ethics and integrity left in the financial world but Michele Carby comes highly recommended." - Lizette Smook, Hong Kong

"Definitely go with Michele Carby. She really has the personal touch. You will feel like you're chatting to an old friend who really has your best interests at heart." - Debbie Hutton, Dubai

"Michele Carby is fantastic in every way. I’m a disaster when it comes to money and when she went away, I returned to being a disaster. She makes everything ok and makes the minefield of financial management manageable. She is entirely trustworthy and decent and I’d trust her with everything I have. So now she manages me long-distance and I’m so glad because I could never find anyone like her to do the same job with the same commitment and enthusiasm." - Kartherine Birbalsingh