Investing offshore explained & global market update

by Chas Begley | |

This webinar explains in plain everyday language everything you need to know about offshore investments. It describes how offshore investments work, particularly the benefits in relation to tax efficiency, succession planning and investor protection. It features a lively Q&A with the audience after the main presentation.

This webinar also includes a global market update from the first week of October 2020.

Education fee planning and the million dollar baby

by Michele Carby | |

In this webinar, Michele takes a comprehensive look at education fee planning and million dollar savings plans for children & grandchildren.

Good education does not come cheap. In fact, in the UK, USA and many other premier university destinations education has consistently risen faster than inflation over the past 25 years. There are student loans of course but many expatriate children will not qualify and even if they do can leave your children saddled with enormous debts for most of their adult life.

In this webinar, Michele takes a comprehensive look at education fees and looks at how early planning can help parents support their children financially throughout their education. She also explains the million dollar baby, and how she is helped a client with a plan for a million dollar saving scheme for his granddaughter.

Active portfolio management – what it is, how it works and our fee structure

by Michele Carby | |

How your investments are managed is the most important factor in how they perform and the returns that you make. At the Michele Carby Practice, we actively manage our clients’ portfolios to ensure you profit from market upswings and cap losses during periods of downturns and periods of instability.

In this webinar, Payal Trehan, our Senior Investment Strategist, outlines how markets work and our active management approach. She also explains our adviser fee and how we add and deliver value to our clients. As always, the webinar will allow you the opportunity to ask any question you have during the Q&A session.

How to ensure a happy retirement

by Michele Carby | |


Many of us dream about retirement, putting our feet up, travelling the world, enjoying our passions. Sounds idyllic, but with people living longer and the cost of living continually rising how financially secure do you have to be to hang up your boots? At what age can you safely say goodbye to the world of work?

In this webinar, we examine all the financial implications of retirement, including how much money you need and how to make your assets work for you in your golden years.

Leaving Dubai – everything an expat needs to know before moving on

by Michele Carby | |

For expats in Dubai (and anywhere around the world) comings and goings are a regular part of life. Even if you stay put, there will be a continuous stream of new arrivals and departures in your social network or workplace.

However, leaving Dubai is not straightforward. Getting things wrong can be costly in terms of both time and money. This webinar looks at the various hurdles that must be navigated in particular the financial implications of leaving and how to avoid a huge tax bill when you arrive at your next destination.

Medical Insurance v Critical Illness … explained

by Michele Carby | | Insurance

With special guest, Christophe Allafranco, Friends Provident International

One impact of the Covid-19 crisis has been for people to focus on their health. We have seen a surge of enquiries in health-related insurance as expats in the UAE have realised how vulnerable they are should they fall seriously ill.

Our many conversations with clients have revealed there are many misconceptions around health-related insurance policies and the cover they provide. This webinar examines health and critical insurance policies and provides you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices.

Emirates Provident Fund: what you need to know

by Chas Begley | |

This webinar provides guidance for staff who have lost their jobs at Emirates and want to know what action they should take in relation to the funds in their Provident Fund.

This webinar will cover:
✅ How to protect and preserve your capital
✅ The tax implications of repatriating your funds to your home country
✅ Tax efficiency investments and tax efficient income
✅ Trusts and other investment vehicles

It includes a Q&A with responses to questions from the audience.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Emirates and the content within is based on the information we had at the time of recording

UAE Expat Wills & Guardianship – what you need to know

by Michele Carby | | Will & Estate Planning

Michele Carby hosts special guest Mirza Hashim Baig to talk about expat Wills and Guardianship in the UAE.

With special guest, Mirza Hashim Baig

Making a Will is never easy, but for expats, it is particularly tricky because inheritance rules vary dramatically in different countries. It is important to ensure your Will covers your situation so that your estate is distributed fully in accordance with your wishes. The situation is even more complicated when children are involved, so ensuring guardianship is covered is essential.

In this webinar, Michele hosts Mirza Hashim Baig, an expert from Nasser Malalla Advocates & Legal Consultants. Mirza guides you through the essentials you need to know when making a will here in the UAE.

The webinar also includes a special report from Senior Investment Strategist, Payal Trehan entitled, ‘The global economy – Covid-19 & beyond’.

Why paper documents still matter

by Michele Carby | |

Exclusive launch of ‘My Documents’

Despite the advances of the digital age, the most important things in our lives are recorded and certified on paper. Birth, marriage and death, land and homeownership, business agreements, share certificates, pensions, insurance documents, trusts, will and legacies – you get the picture.

In this webinar, Michele talks about keeping your documents safe and introduces an easy way to keep track of them.

Why now might be the time to look at property investments

by Michele Carby | | Property Investment

Michele is joined by special guest, Tony Jordan, Regional Director at API Global

In difficult times property acquisition often represents the best long term investment opportunity. History shows that bricks and mortar are a safe long term store of value and economic difficulties often depress prices providing strong upside potential.

In this webinar, Senior Investment Strategist Payal Trehan looks at why the Covid-19 has created attractive conditions for property investments. Michele then speaks with Tony Jordan, about the global real estate market and current hotspots that offer opportunities for property investors.