Wills & Estate Planning

Wills, inheritance tax & estate planning by Michele Carby, a leading international expatriate financial planner, serving clients worldwide.

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No one wishes to spend too much time contemplating their own mortality. However if you want to protect your loved ones from angst and uncertainty, it is vitally important to make a will and plan for the orderly distribution of your estate. Advanced planning is also essential to avoid often punitive levels of inheritance duties, to ensure that your wealth passes to loved ones rather than the taxman.

Making a will ensures you maintain control over the distribution of your wealth after your death. Wills can be straightforward or complicated, depending on your circumstances. Expatriates with significant assets in multiple countries falling under different legal jurisdictions, or where partners and families include different nationalities, often require specialist advice to ensure that their will meets all the legal requirements. To ensure your needs are met, we will assist in finding the best legal and technical advice to navigate a path through the labyrinth of regulation.

If you would like help with inheritance tax planning or making a will, get advice that puts your requirements first. Contact Michele at [email protected] or call direct on +971 50 618 6463.

Michele Carby is fantastic in every way. She is entirely trustworthy and decent and I’d trust her with everything I have. So now she manages me long-distance and I’m so glad because I could never find anyone like her to do the same job with the same commitment and enthusiasm.