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Whether you want to build an emergency fund, buy a sports car, afford a deposit on a new home, or pay for your children’s future education, there is always a good reason to save money. Saving and investing is the surest way to meet your long-term financial objectives, provide your family with financial security and build your long-term wealth.

Whether it is a modest regular monthly savings plan or a multi-million dollar lump sum, we help clients structure their savings and investments according to their objectives and needs. As always with financial planning, understanding those needs is the first step in the process of finding the right savings plan or investment.

There are many things to take into account. The most important of these is understanding the client’s appetite for risk. All investments involve some degree of risk. A standard savings account or a government-guaranteed bond can lose money in real terms by not keeping pace with inflation, so nothing is entirely risk-free. We help you understand the risk with every investment, so you can weigh the risks against potential returns and make informed choices.

Once your risk profile is decided, we put together your investment portfolio, fully considering asset classes and ensuring appropriate diversification. We actively manage all portfolios to ensure they continue to deliver on the client’s objectives, in line with the agreed risk profile.

If you would like to know more about savings and investment services, please contact at [email protected] or call direct on +971 50 618 6463.

What my clients say

Su Cockeron Karine Bailey Christopher Mills Craig McLaren Mark Randall Keith Phillips
Michele and Payal have been fantastic in growing my investment, in communicating regularly with me and in making me feel confident in them!!