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Plan for your life after work successful with an experienced pension specialist with a proven track record of successful retirements.

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Planning for your retirement and setting up a pension plan should be a fundamental part of everyone’s long-term financial planning. We are increasingly living longer and government support in old age is minimal. This leaves individuals with no option but to take responsibility for ensuring they have the resources available to live in comfort in their later years. We recommend that clients start pension planning as early as possible, thereby providing them with the broadest range of choice on when to finish working, and the widest possible selection of lifestyle options after retirement.

Over recent years, governments have increasingly tinkered with pension rules and regulations, making retirement planning increasingly challenging. At the same time, expatriates have a golden opportunity to establish a secure and tax-efficient pension, with the flexibility to change as objectives or locations shift over time.

We have decades of experience in helping expatriates with pension planning. We can advise on the entire range of options available, and set up the most suitable tax-efficient structure to ensure long-term growth structures. We regularly review all pension plans with our clients and recommend changes should their circumstances change over time.

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What my clients say

Mark Randall Christopher Mills Phillip Blake
As always you are very quick to respond to emails with advice and guide me. Without your help I would be lost in the world of pension rules.