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Protection for yourself, your family and your assets is an essential component of any financial plan.

Every expatriate should have health and medical insurance in place. Healthcare costs are constantly on the rise, and falling ill or suffering the misfortune of an accident can be ruinously expensive without adequate insurance cover in place. Some lucky expatriates have health insurance paid for by their employer as part of their salary package, but it is worth checking the cover and benefits even when this is in place. Often people find it is not suitable for their needs and take out a ‘top-up’ policy.

Another key health-related policy is critical illness cover. These policies pay out lump sums on the diagnosis of a severe illness. We have repeatedly seen the benefit of these policies for our clients when they have unfortunately been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.

Life insurance is vital if you have any dependants. It is the primary means of ensuring your family can financially cope if you die, ensuring that they receive an often substantial lump sum. Life insurance is a very flexible financial instrument that is useful for all kinds of financial planning issues, including tax efficiency.

We work with many of the world’s leading insurers and can help you select the policy that best suits your needs and works best with your overall financial plan.

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