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Passing your pension on to the right person

The pension freedoms introduced in 2015 brought about a number of changes and one of the biggest was the ability to pass a pension on tax-free. Under the new rules, you can pass on your pension to the beneficiaries you have nominated without an Inheritance Tax charge....

4 Ways to Negotiate your British Tax Liabilities

Tax is not just a pain it is also complex. Information is often misleading and making sense of it is becoming an art form. Moreover, if you are unaware of how tax works it is easy to get caught out making that pay rise or bonus worthless. With this in mind, I have put...

How much Pension Pot do you need to Retire?

The question of how much pension you need to live in retirement is not a fixed sum for everyone to aim for. It is dependent upon a number of factors such as: What kind of lifestyle you want in retirement When you want to retire Your future plans Cost of living Current...

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