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Keep the taxman’s hands off your estate

Have a guess at how much the UK government earned from inheritance tax (IHT) in the 2013/2014 tax year? Half a billion? One billion? Two? According to figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), IHT rose by 8.6% from the previous year to reach a...

Wills & Property Inheritance in the UAE

As anywhere in the world, it is recommended to make a will covering the appropriate transfer of your real estate ownership in Dubai. There are several ways of doing so, which one to choose and its implications are described by an expert in the following article on the...

What does a financial adviser actually do?

I have been a financial adviser for 20 years and have worked across the world building a solid track record and amassing a huge bank of knowledge which enables me to do my job effectively. The role is varied and encompasses many different aspects but I’d actually like...

Dead expensive

Every day four people die in Dubai and according to statistics three out of the four will be expatriates. It’s a grim fact, which is usually the last thing on the minds of Dubai’s young expatriate population. But as the Middle East Funeral Services (www.mefs.ae phone#...

"With over 20 years experience as an International Independent Financial Adviser; my team and I provide specialist advice, together with extensive international experience. Providing our clients with the experience and expertise that they are looking for."


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