USA EB-5 permanent residency visa $500,000 – Act now!

by Chas Begley | | Citizenship & Residency

Official USA government permanent family visa, green card, eligibility for citizenship in exchange for $500,000 investment. Limited time offer.

The USA’s EB-5 is the highest level investment visa. It provides permanent residency and a green card for the investor, spouse and unmarried children under 21.

Direct EB-5 visas usually have a minimum investment requirement of $1.8 million and regional visas $900,000.

We have EB-5 visas available for a limited time for a $500,000 yield paying investment. 

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If you would like to take advantage of the very best value USA investment visa, you must act now as there is only space for a limited number of investors.

This is the official United States Citizenship & Immigration Services government programme. Our team have helped over 2,000 families and raised over $1 billion for CBI programmes.

Success is virtually guaranteed to applicants meeting the full requirements.

Benefits include:
✅ The permanent right to live and work anywhere in the USA
✅ Guaranteed green card
✅ Eligibility for full citizenship in five years
✅ Your immediate family members are included
✅ The right to apply for government sponsored financial aid for education
✅ The right to operate business and banking
✅ Access to mortgages and other financial services
✅ Access to US healthcare and health llfe insurance
✅ Green Card Holder social benefits; including retirement, unemployment & disability insurance

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